In which the master password is lost…


Fuck you, Facts.  I don’t care what you say.  I’m not listening to you, I am not going to think, Facts, you decide for me what happens, what has happened.  No.  I am not doing that.  Facts, you can just shut up.  Don’t expect me to change what I’m doing because of you.  I’m going to do what is right for me.  I’m going to say what I think.  I am not going to be dictated to by you, Facts.  And who made you King, anyway?  Who said you were right?  I don’t think anyone asked me, I know they didn’t.  No one asked me shit about what I think happened.  So when somebody says, this happened and then that happened, those are the “Facts”, like on the news they say that, I just go, no, it didn’t.  That didn’t happen.  Just because you say those are Facts doesn’t make it true.  Its just you saying its true. I just say nope.  Not true.  Just words. 

You might well say, what about observable reality?  What about proven things, repeatable traceable concrete things that almost everybody else agrees on?  I still say nope.  Almost everybody is not everybody.  So then all of reality is subjective, you say?  Yes, everybody should be able to decide whether they want to agree with Facts, and if they don’t, if for any reason they think Facts are wrong, then they should say what they think.  They should say their own truths, and maybe those are their Facts.  But if everybody has their own Facts, what can we agree on, you might say.  And yeah, I would say, not much.  Maybe that’s just the way it is.  You on your side with your Facts, and me over here with mine.  And may the best Facts win?  Or can we have multiple versions of Facts that can co-exist?  Can we just have lots of different angles on things?  I mean, why can’t we?  Why can’t we all just have our own takes and live with the complexity of that?  The mixed up confusing fucked up contradictory world of Facts that don’t agree on basic things, like who was where first?  And when was what decided by whom?  Yes, I can see some big problems with that.  Sure, what if important crucial life altering things rest on directly contradictory facts?  Which they absolutely would.  Because those are exactly the kinds of things people lean on Facts for.  They use Facts to help define and describe exactly those kinds of things, like boundaries, rights, punishments, ownership, history, and science.  All that shit uses Facts.  And I get why it does, why you need some kind of something to put order in the world.  I guess.  I guess I see why it can so easily turn into a mess.  But it already is, it is a mess already, and ok, yes, my resistance to Facts is part of the mess, I get that.  But why should I be the one to give?  To give over to what may or may not be true? 

What if I really, really do not believe in what Facts are saying?  What if, at the very core of my being, that truth that Facts are holding up is just not right to me; it rings totally false, makes me feel crazy?  Am I really supposed to gulp it down and like it?  I thought truth was about being honest.  And if I’m honest, I cannot go along with these Facts that are wrong to me.  I just cannot do it.  And if I can’t, I have to assume others can’t or won’t go along.  Unless they are forced to.  Go along.  And if they are weak, or alone, or in the minority, they can be forced.  They can be made to go along with Facts they don’t believe in.  Whole fucking cultures are based on that.  The strong force the weak to go along, and if they don’t like it, they can just lump it.  They can just die, I guess.  They can sit and fume in a world that is organized around a bunch of Facts they don’t or even can’t believe in.  So they are just fucked.  But I am not going to be one of those people.  I am not going to be fucked.  I am going to resist, to refuse to consent, to push back against Facts.  Facts...  I say, fuck you Facts.  You don’t own me.