In which convenience was chosen over security…


The Past: Reading, Writing, Riding a Bike, Tying Shoes, Washing the Dishes, Brushing Your Teeth, Doing Laundry, Swimming, Reading Music, Putting in a Tampon, Sewing, CPR.  Driving a Car, Making Rice, Using Shoe Polish, Making Coffee, Taking Notes Out of a Textbook or Lecture, Zipper Repair, Changing the Oil, Changing a Tire, both Bike and Car, Cooking, Painting a Wall, Separating Eggs, Cleaning Drains, Lighting a Fire


Now: Reading a Map, Reading Contracts,  Using Power Tools, Basic Drumming, Refilling the Olive Oil Bottle, Using a Gas Grill, Following Written Instructions From Ikea, Unscrewing a Recalcitrant Screw, Cancelling Unwanted Subscriptions, Programming a New Phone, Wiring a Lamp, Using a Hair Clipper, Untangling Audio Cords, Backing Up Your Computer, Disassembling and Reassembling a High Hat, Basic Hairstyles, Curating a Playlist, Coding, Jerryrigging a Wheelycart, Operating a Slo Cooker, Sourcing Decent Fish, Ordering from Grub Hub, Mixing a Record, Stenciling a Happy Birthday Sign That Will Hang Across a Doorway,  Putting a Duvet on a Blanket, Replacing A Faucet,


The Future: Bargaining for Goods, Trapping, Baking Bread, Barricading a Door, Purifying Water, Sharpening a Knife, First Aid, Camp Bathing, Bike Repair, Digging a Latrine, Opening Cans Without an Opener, Reading Between The Lines, Making a Still, Maintaining a Garden, Burying a Body, Scrabbling,